Faction-specific: Is it possible…

…to climb the ladder and get lvl 11 Brits just by spamming emplacements?

Well, here’s a shocker. Yes!

Everyone’s aware of Brits’ OPness and the way they changed the fundamental gameplay of COH, which was flank, cover, combined arms and map awareness. With the introduction of the Brits, one only has to sit in one place, spam an array of low MP pew pew devices, charge your mass infantry behind enemy lines and drop a Commando squad whenever you see fit.

Okay, it really isn’t THAT easy, but I was concerned and alarmed at the flak the Brits were copping, so I decided to create an account that spells out my intentions all to clear. I set out purely to test the theory that Brits really aren’t all that OP, and they’re only OP when they’re teamed with the American team. Double Brits aren’t really that awesome to be honest; an early light-heavy vehicle such as an AC/Hetzer could really spell D-O-O-M for double Brits. But I digress.

Here’s my emplacement spam profile, aptly called:

EmplacementSpam profile

EmplacementSpam profile

Playing 2-3 games every day, and including a few days where work and family got the better of me, it took me about 7 weeks and 69 games to achieve lvl 11. Just. Spamming. Emplacements.

If this were any other factions, you’ll be lucky to get lvl 8 with it.

The key to spamming emplacements is not to rush your troops into battle. If the popular Riflestall tactic (against the much talked about link0 strat) is oft used in the USA strategy vernacular, then Tommystall is a must when you spam emplacements.

By slowly creeping your HQs up against the enemy base, a successful emplacement spam + Tommystall tactic will mean utter destruction of the enemy base. Resources will have to be put into reparing/rebuilding their base which means more time for my ally to cap the other areas of the map and less axis troops on the table for us to kill. Less axis troops = Map domination.

There really are just two ways of doing this, and it depends on the size of the map. I primary objective is to spam mortars just outside the periphery of the Axis base. Using them to continuously bombard the base, I go T2 for a Sapper squad for the 25lbs AT gun. In fact, if played right, rarely is T3 needed. Of course, over the 69 games I have gone T3 and made tanks to counter the late game Axis armour. Let’s not forget at early levels, I tended to partner new players who made emplacement spamming a nightmare to execute.

Basic Strategy
– I always go for the big fuel. They come in useful mid-late game for emplacements. I try to push up as far as possible without putting myself at too much risk. It’s really by trial-and-error. Early days, I pushed up too far and got crushed within 10 minutes.
– I cannot stress how important the CSS is. Depending how the Axis makeup is, I either go CSS > Mortar or vice versa. My main enemy is the HMG. It’s important to occupy buildings that might pose a threat to the construction of CSS/Mortar. The game is over if you’re bleeding MP just to reinforce squads over a measely 260MP HMG squad. In a few games on small maps, I end up with 3 – 4 free Tommy squads due to the number of casualties. Even if you get only 1 Tommy squad, the CSS has already paid itself off.
– An early CSS is imperative because there are some games where you will be pinned by HMG. If you are able to get the CSS up quickly, losing the first recon squad (yes, it has happened to me before) from suppression won’t hurt so bad as a free Tommy squad is in the pipelines. And hope that your ally is competant enough to come assist you!
– 3 Tommy squads are more than sufficient to hold off any attacks, and late game it’s not surprising to find myself with 5-6 Tommy squads as Axis teams try to take out my base. Mostly, by the time they realise what I’m doing, it’s too late.
– When T2 truck appears, I access the situation and move my HQ truck further forward. Sometimes, the HQ truck stays and T2 truck moves ahead.
– EDIT: I forgot to mention this, but mines are essential to my strat. In all my games, I purchase a Demolition Sapper squad first. Two reasons: They do not suffer a movement penalty, and they are able to plant explosives in urban maps i.e Lorraine. Urban maps are also popular for HMG camping. Not anymore. :O
– EDIT: Because the Tommy blob moves as a group with the LT, there are seldom any units left within the vicinity of the HQ/Emplacements to take on their biggest enemy: cloaked stormies. Not only will mines dissuade future storms harrassment, it frees my Tommy blob from defending the HQ. Of course, a determined Wehr player will eventually destroy an emplacement or two. I have lost a few games due to this.
– With doctrines, it’s about 80% Arty and 20% Commando. I never had to use Royal Engineers. Even when common sense screamed for it (PE had gone fast AC and both Allied teams were still stuck in T1), I stuck to my blueprint.
– With the first mortar pit covering my forward truck, I begin to spam the whole nine yards of emplacements.
– If my ally is competent, the game’s sitting on a knife edge now as I’m not really capping, just holding off the Axis attacks and waiting for T2. Of course, I’ve lost many games when the Axis teams just focused on my ally. In normal circumstances, I would have abandoned my strategy, but I’m not called EmplacementSpam for nothing!
– Once plethora of emplacements are up, it’s really just a rinse and repeat option. Repair when necessary, and you might wish to start helping your ally.

At lower levels the Axis team will just give up. In the higher echelons it’s not uncommon to see both Axis focusing on my ally upon realisation of my, let’s face it, very gay way of playing. Be on the lookout for late game Axis armour and proceed to tech to T3 accordingly. I daresay that emplacement spam + Firefly combo is more potent than commando + Firefly combo!

Any flames/comments are welcome. Afterall, I just wanted to test my theory. In fact, I might just keep playing on this account to see how high up I can climb!


19 Responses to Faction-specific: Is it possible…

  1. Kersal says:

    2vs2 non AT is a joke. I start playing like Wher 4 days ago (before i did only 1v1 and 2vs2 AT) and i’m lvl9 (i play only on lunch time). Almost my matches were wher/wher vs Brit/ami so the worst army combination possible! The problem is that the system match player in a so random mode that very often you play vs one good and one bad player. Just understand who is the bad and crush it fast as you can! Some matches that i loose was because at lvl8-9 i got a m8 of real 2nd level.

    So, i tell you to try in 2vs2 AT. Same tactics, with a same level mate.

    Back on topic: the spam emplacement tactic is very annoying and i hate when facing it. Anyway, in my experience i found that in this case is better to make storms and to search the side or just the point where you need to destroy just one emplacement to get an highway. I see that is ever possible especially at the mid game. Furthermore, the common mistake that a player do when facing a emplacement strategy is to want to break the defenses to arrive directly to the VP or a key point, but surely is the side of the map with better emplacement… do you remember how Hitler handled with the Maginot line?

  2. adrock2xander says:

    Yeah he skirted around it. Well, not completely; he did engage some troops who were along the periphery of the Maginot Line.

    But yes 2v2 RT is a joke. But come to think of it, if people laugh at it coz it’s so random (ergo, RT), you’ve got to give props to those people who’re like lvl 12-13 for ALL four factions. Holy shit how much time have they invested to get there? Imagine the number of noobs they’ve had to face to get there. Heaps of patience, these people I tell ya.

  3. Logabob says:

    Damn Brits…

    I don’t mind the idea of a defensive play style, but camping is a no-no in my book.

    And I disagree highly with people who say they play brits “aggressively.” Don’t get me wrong, they do, but the way they do it and succeed is by abusing things that are just plain bad.

    Give commandos Lee Enfields upon arrival and force Stens to be an upgrade like the rest of us (i.e. Airborne, Fallschrimjaegers etc) please!!

  4. rapba says:

    I guess this would not work in 1 vs. 1.

  5. Kersal says:

    I have to add to my previous comment that on certain map like Wolfeze, that are small and with few fuel resource, the emplacement spam is ridiculous strong! Dual brits need no fuel to secure half the map and then mortar/vickers can be used to push forward. The map is so small that my idea of maginot line is not applicable because is too easy for brit to close all the side. Maybe with next patch, where the mortars will be sensible to small fire, will be better.

  6. Wolfheze is also bullshit because British supercharge will allow you to own the entire map with artillery. In retail anyway, where arty still works.

  7. Kersal says:

    I have played Beta but only with Wher/ami. Do u know which nerf/buff brits had?

  8. I don’t really play Brits much either, but if I recall, they fixed allied resource sharing in team games. Also Bren carrier got a noticeable damage nerf. Also Fireflies cost 30 MUN to upgrade tank commander.

    PIATs are quite a bit better now and actually hit shit… cromwell flank speed won’t work with engine damage.

    That’s all i gots off the top of my head. No huge nerfs/buffs if I recall. You can google the latest patch changelog if you want the whole sha-bang.

  9. Moose says:

    The one thing I like to do in 2v2s as Wermacht, is to go blitz for the cloaked sturm troopers. As long as I can get ammo for the panzerschrecks, it is crippling to a emplacement spammer. Just have to keep sneaking your guys in. Plus with blitz, at least the Stuh is decent for anti infantry.

  10. adrock2xander says:

    Good Brits will always build some mines around the vicinity for cloaked troops detection. My emplacement strategy revolves around it. Countless number of potential defeats turned into victories because of it. Also, the wehr player will be dissuaded to use cloaked stormies on my emplacements.

  11. Moose says:

    I haven’t run into that yet (alot of brits like to think their stuff is impenetrable). even if you have choke points covered, a squad of 3 or 4 sturms de-cloaking in front of a 17 pounder will take it out in a volley or two (unless you went Royal Engineers).

  12. […] on COH, my original account adrock2xander for serious AT/RT/1v1 and EmplacementSpam to prove just how easy and OP Brits emplacements are. Still lvl 11 after 101 games. More difficult at higher levels? Or have readers just caught […]

  13. killforme says:

    I don’t see your name anywhere… ? Whoever you are, I don’t have much respect for you. What a bright idea: “well lets take the current most OP strategy from any of the factions and see how high I can get using just that strategy and if it pisses people off then hell – all the better!”. Seems a tad sad to me but hey… so long as I think that you win, right?

  14. Eh I think he’s trying to prove a point, not abuse it for shits and giggles.

  15. adrock2xander says:

    Wow, what a fooking idiot. To think you’re from Australia too. Perhaps you don’t understand English? I’m trying to prove a point, not gloat about it. The comments so far have been very civil and if anything, kinda humourous. Feedback IN GAME as well was very nicely received.

    Oh well, I did ask for flames/comments. Can’t please everyone.

    And what do you mean by “I don’t see your name anywhere?” LOL.

  16. killforme says:

    To whom is this point intended towards ? People new to the game ? Most people who play the game are not ignorant of how effective and unbalanced turtling is with Britain.
    He seems intent on continuing abusing this strategy even after getting this far and demonstrating it on this blog so.. I’m not sure proving a point is the sole reason for doing this. Does he wish to make the top 10 using this strat ? Will he (not to mention will we) be satisfied only then that, yes, this IS effective and unbalanced considering the low skill requirement of this game style ? I really like Rifles Ready but this was unneccesary imo. Just another moron who I’m likely to lose to for no adequately good reason IG.

  17. killforme says:

    Yeah I’m a “fooking idiot” cause I don’t agree with what you’re doing. Real mature. You’ve yet to prove anything new I’m afraid, so whatever you’ve accomplished you’ve accomplished for your own ego and perhaps the knowledge of a few newbies.

  18. jodonnell says:

    Shame on you adrock for using an effective strategy! Who do you think you are, trying to win??!

    I think one extra factor helping you on this mission was that random 2v2s naturally have less intra-team coordination than arranged, and it’s really impossible (in my experience) to take on SimCity alone. Well coordinated early attacks can really cripple or slow the Brit down (go-go-gadget Bikeblitz,) but I should imagine you won’t run into that so much on random 2v2 automatch.

  19. killforme says:

    Yeah a REAL effective strategy that (in mine and others opinions) is a skillless and unbalanced game mechanic. I don’t play Brits due to this and I won’t until they’re brought back down to the level of the other 3 factions. Forgive me if I see these emplacements as destroying balance given the size of the maps we play on. Shit a 17 pounder can cover 1/4 of certain 1v1 maps I bet, which would be fine but for the cost , and the fact they go up very early. When you consider what other factions have available in the way of emplacements and more importantly, their means of taking them out early-ish game, it seems clear the Brits have a large advantage – this given the fact that the English are not lacking in good (in fact some of the best) infantry, tanks or artillery either. Take PE for instance. What do PE have in the way of artillery or emplacements? Even if you want a tank you need a certain Commander. I’m sorry but their mobility or infantry do not make up for this discrepancy in unit options.

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