Surprise to report on WCG tournament

Champs make it to WCG. Chumps get frustrated and whine imbalance.

Champs make it to WCG. Chumps get frustrated and whine imbalance.

With all eyes focused on the opening ceremonies of the 29th Olympic Games in Beijing, I thought this might be a good time to mention another epic competition, and another champion. Noted Rifles Ready! contributor Steven “Surprise” Uray will be taking pictures and notes as he travels to the World Cyber Games on the American Pacific coast to school some fools in C&C 3: Kane’s Wrath. He’ll be posting here about his experiences and what it’s like to play at the pinnacle of competitive RTS games. And you thought you weren’t gonna hear from this guy for a long time! No sir, he’ll be keeping us in the loop as it were. Now I don’t follow Kane’s Wrath particularly well, but I can guarantee you this will be worthwhile distraction from the current tepid state of the COH balance beta — significant artillery bugs, practically zero players online these days. One can only wait and hope of course, and have faith in Relic to come forth and anoint us with a new patch that both addresses these issues and further refines game balance (how crappy Strafing Run is in the beta, for instance). Recall that Relic said the end of the balance beta will be announced two weeks prior to the actual end date. Keep waiting, dear readers, for faith is important…


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