Faction Specific: What I find hard to deal with as U.S.

This time around, I wanna reach out to all you readers out there, and get your input on how to deal with some tough strategies, unit mixes or just situations that I find myself in many a time. This will be a brief series on the three factions I’m vaguely versed in, which are the U.S., Panzer Elite and British (this by the way, is the order of my relative skill with each faction).

We’ll start off with the good ol’ Americans. Please note I’m not saying any of this is overpowered, indeed I believe they’re just fine. I’m just listing stuff I have a hard time with.





1.) Massed G43 Panzer Grenadiers in good cover, backed by an Infantry Halftrack, defending a crucial point (high fuel or critical strategic point).

This is tough for a lot of reasons, the main one being you are fighting at a disadvantage. PE has the cover advantage, can reinforce, and can direct the Halftrack fire to suppress shock units like a flamer. They’re making you come to them, inflicting heavy casualties before Rifles can get close enough to do the same. Best case scenario, you take heavy losses but force PE to retreat. Normally I would say screw this, go around this obstacle, but in this hypothetical scenario you MUST retake the position (either because it’s a high fuel that can’t be lost, or a strategic point that chokes all your resources, etc).





2. Multiple Infantry HTs with G43s and later, Panzershreck teams.

Man, is Infantry HT spam annoying. Two usually allows suppression of half your Rifles while G43 PGs focus fire. I usually go grenades first and they help even up this fight, but it’s really hard to win without bleeding Rifles, which means constant manpower drain. HTs with panzershreck teams seriously own M8’s and even Shermans — it’s ridiculous. The only thing I can think of is to keep your armor together, but there’s pretty much no way to save a wounded M8 or Sherman when your opponent is good at micro and determined to chase you long enough to kill those units. Best case, you kill one of the halftracks before it can escape.




3.) Overlapping MG42s with Volksgrenadier support as Pioneers build Bunkers to continue map denial.

Flanking two MG42s is really hard, and again it’s your opponent that has the benefit of being able to direct fire without really moving his squads at the same time. Grenades can win this, but if that bunker goes up somewhere important, it’s almost certainly time for a WSC. Problem is, while you react to the bunker and take time to counter it, your opponent is soaking in the fuel and teching to all kinds of crazy shit — Panzer IVs, Ostwinds, etc.



4.) Wehrmacht Mortar Team protected by MGs and Grenadiers, killing absolutely EVERYTHING.

The Wehrmacht mortar outranges U.S. mortar and does more damage. Tucked behind MGs, buildings and protective Grenadiers, the Wehrmacht mortar squad is very, very hard to put away for good. The best you can hope for is to temporarily take it out of the picture so you can mount an assault.

I welcome any thoughts on how to handle these threats…


8 Responses to Faction Specific: What I find hard to deal with as U.S.

  1. adrock2xander says:

    Mate, you just spot on broke down all the major difficulties I face as a new 1v1 player. Which explains why I’m still lvl 9…….

  2. These are all tough because they lack a single, easy, consistent counter…

  3. Logabob says:

    Can’t say I can help you because I am 100% n00b.

    but it does give me some good PE playing ideas…

    It will be interesting to see what you say of the Brits. Even though the Brits are “overpowered” it’s actually very true that British players play in constant fear and frustration, or at least that’s true of me.

    Try keeping that precious 17pdr alive with Storms on the prowl :S

  4. adrock2xander says:

    Don’t mines have a small detection radius? When I play brits in 2v2 I seldom go advanced repair; instead I go demolition squad. The mobility is a BIG bonus, and on top of that planting mines and demos in buildings is a god send.

  5. Yeah, they do. I figure mines would be a fairly good way to protect obvious approaches to a high-value emplacement like a 17-lbr.

  6. Logabob says:

    No doubt.

    I guess a lone 17pdr nestled behind trucks (through which it can fire!) for base defense is never a bad idea, though.

    I am eagerly anticipating your article on the PE and to a lesser extent the Brits.

    No Wehr article?!?!?

  7. Liquidwulfe says:

    I play PE a lot, and I can honestly say the hardest thing for me to counter is two AT guns, especially supported with stickies.

    The best counter to IHT spam is a WSC Machine Gun. Those things when supported with rifles eat halftracks alive while suppressing any PG’s who are reinforcing near them. Go airborn to rain AT guns from the sky, and you should have a fairly easy time from then on out.

  8. The U.S. MG is pretty strong against infantry HT but multiple HTs easily flank it, then kill it with concentrated fire (especially with G43 PGs on board).

    MG’s problem is that long range, its damage and accuracy vs. the HT is negligible, and HTs can flank at range then close rapidly once out of the MG’s firing arc.

    I don’t dispute Barracks + WSC is a legitimate build against HT spam, however I find that full-tech Rifles + Triage Center, followed by Paratroopers/Rangers and Motorpool, is generally more consistent a counter.

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