Writers wanted!

Legendary World War II reporter Ernie Pyle preps a post for Rifles Ready!, the popular COH blog

It’s simple: we need more writers, due to the fact that adrock and myself have lives and jobs. Plus, Surprise is on hiatus, so we’re hurting a bit for content. You don’t necessarily have to be a good writer, but that hardly seems to be a problem given the number of articulate, even eloquent people I see posting on GR.org’s COH forums all the time. A lot of that stuff would be excellent material for Rifles Ready!, it just takes a little extra effort to snag a picture, write a caption, and BOOM, instant post. In any case I will continue editing posts for grammar and punctuation so you won’t be embarrassed by glaring errors. And you’re not limited to writing about COH exclusively, either — you can do reviews of World War II movies or books or anything related to the last great war (my favorite phrase for WWII). Just run it by me if you’re feeling creative. If you wanna be a champ and step up, shoot an email to me by clicking here!


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