OpenOffice’s Luftwaffe-inspired logo

A really random thought, but I downloaded OpenOffice a ways back on my laptop. It occurred to me just the other day what a striking similarity there is between OpenOffice’s gulls logo and the Luftwaffe’s Fallschirmjaeger collar tabs, which indicate rank. You can see on the left here some fairly accurate modern reproductions of Fallschirmjaeger collar tabs and those cool-looking steel gulls. This is by no means a plug for OpenOffice of course, which by the way is a fantastic open-source suite of applications mirroring Microsoft Office. Just a random thought for you good folk to dwell on. Meanwhile, the Red Alert 3 beta looms large on the horizon, plus I have high hopes that the current COH playtest beta will wrap up within two months, tops. Just some rumors…

One Response to OpenOffice’s Luftwaffe-inspired logo

  1. jodonnell says:

    Two FG42 squads would be a way better assistant than that stupid paperclip ever was.

    “It appears you are trying to win as Panzer Elite. Would you like to…
    *) Ambush Riflesquads and massacre them instantly while cloaked
    *) Rout an MG with an anti-building grenade
    *) Finish off a wounded M8 with a Panzerfaust”

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