Craziest bug ever?

The vehicle refuses to respond to any orders and won't unload infantry inside.

The vehicle refuses to respond to any orders and won't unload infantry inside.

I’m really curious if anyone has run into this particular bug before. I certainly have never seen its like before this game, and I’m wondering if this is a Panzer Elite bug only, or if it happens to other units as well. I drew Chevrolet during a beta automatch and everything started out fine. About 4-5 minutes into the game, I pack my Infantry Halftrack with two G43 Panzer Grenadiers and send these guys off to attack a Tommy squad capping my +16 ammo on Angoville. They fire, the HT fires, a few Tommies die, then the HT changes its angle and stops firing its MG. Chevrolet retreats his squad, after which the HT IGNORES ALL ORDERS. It won’t move, won’t fire, WON’T UNLOAD MY MEN. The HT’s unit acknowledgements sound tinny as if it’s on the radio, even if I am clicking on it when its on my screen. I was dumbfounded. This is pretty much GG of course, to lose an entire HT and 100 MUN in G43 upgrades plus two full-health PG squads. Chevrolet later destroys the HT with a Stuart, and this reveals that the Infantry HT seems to be the unit at fault. The moment it goes up in flames, my G43 PGs pop out and behave normally.

Anyone else had this happen? Does this happen only with the PE or are garrisonable vehicles for the U.S. and Wehrmacht also affected? I plan to send this replay off to Relic.


6 Responses to Craziest bug ever?

  1. jodonnell says:

    I’ve had this happen before with Riflemen and some other units – they become 100% non-responsive. It happens in retail, too. I have no idea what causes it; they just simply don’t do anything or follow any orders. Sometimes they still play the order acknowledged sound clips, sometimes not.

  2. Well, I’d say this is a pretty big friggin’ problem. Kind of game-ending depending on which unit decides to freeze in time.

    Imagine if your King Tiger or Pershing just decided to fall into the Chronosphere vortex and becomes a big piece of XP waiting to be killed.

    Hope Relic is onto this…

  3. Jamin says:

    I have had units moving and just stop randomly, but if you click them they are totally responsive.. Hmmmm sounds frustrating lol i feel sorry that you had to sit through that unable to do shit.

  4. This is quite different from the random stop bug, this is completely unresponsiveness no matter what.

    It’s good to know random shit like this happens, but that’s pretty much an instant GG in that game.

    Well Relic, I guess I better be careful the next time I load PGs into halftracks and drive around in them. /sarcasm

  5. PseudoPioSpammer says:

    This happened to two 57 mils I had in the Beta. Wouldn’t do anything whatsoever so matter what I ordered them to do. Wouldn’t even shoot when a P4 drove in front of them.

  6. 13oomer says:

    yeah, happened to me as well on wrecked train. my pak refused to uncamo, move, attack ground. happened after shooting an M8 (and missing…). that was a real kick in the balls for me since i was already down and out and needed to build another pak

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