Battle Report: All-out Armor vs. Luftwaffe

REPLAY: CorkscrewBlow vs. xFeuerfrei (Beta version 2.408 )

Battle royale!
Battle royale!

EDITOR’S NOTE: I was still writing this Battle Report when patch 2.500 came out and rocked my world. So I will be boiling this down to what I learned about Armor vs. Luftwaffe, in bullet points under the “Take-aways” section. More on patch 2.500 to come!

This was one of the longest and craziest matches I’ve ever played. I gave it pretty much my best effort against a very solid Panzer Elite player, one xFeuerfrei. It’s an hour-long battle royale that includes four separate epic tank battles with a lone Pershing trying to hold its own against Panther Battlegroups, with Calliope and Henschel support respectively. There’s infantry dying in storms of rocket fire, there’s Henschels smashing tanks apart and there’s some real heartbreakers, like a Pershing that was killed when Allied War Machine was on, but only exploded after AWM ended because its engine was damaged and it took too long to hit a tree and explode.

Calliope first, then Pershing, is almost always preferable to going down the left-hand side (LHS) of Armor Company. Calliopes kill tier 2 Wehr with no problems, they also slaughter PE infantry and light vehicles. Pershing comes 2 CPs later than Calliope and you will have a hard time maintaining a strong-enough foothold to reach Pershing.
– Look for points to defend VPs and establish defenses, which could be as simple as laying mines and barbed wire or sandbags.
– In a long game, always be ready for the double-Panther, especially when you see Assault Grenadiers or Marders, Panzershrecks and either the Light AT Halftrack or Panzer IV Infantry Support Tank. These units means your opponent has all the necessary buildings to pull out his Panther Battlegroup.
Panther Battlegroup could probably be safely nerfed to cost an additional 200MP for a total 1200MP per call-in.
Rifle veterancy is crucial to survive in the late game, now you have no excuse not to have veteran Rifles given the veterancy buffs that accompany Rifle upgrades (Grenades, BARs, Stickies, Supply Depot upgrades all increase veterancy rate of Rifle squads)

2 Responses to Battle Report: All-out Armor vs. Luftwaffe

  1. Logabob says:

    Too bad we won’t be able to watch the replay…

    But on a side note I will be interested to here what you thought of the 2.500!

  2. liquid405 says:

    So far, 2.501 has been extremely laggy.

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