Adventures of a new 1v1 player: Defeating the Wehr medic bunker

Good and bad news. First the good news.

It’s been another week and I’ve been practicing my new found 1v1 play mechanics as often as my free time allows. Consciously, and most amazingly, I’ve taken to the new control groups like a duck to water and I’m absolutely loving it. Also, I’ve climbed into the top 1000 for the first time. I’ve been in and out of lvl 9 many times, but to break the top 1000 is quite an achievement. Practice, practice, practice!

Now for the bad news.

I’ve hit another new Wehr wall. Well, it’s the same wall, but this time instead of clay, it’s stone. With some granite thrown in for good measure. Absolutely hell to assail these walls. I’m referring to the Wehr medic bunker (with a HMG inside) with volks/mortar/grenadier support.

Oh how I love killing a bunker! Let me count the ways!

Oh how I hate destroying a medic bunker! Let me count the ways!

Any US player would have faced this incredibly campy style of game play. I say campy as it’s a reference to everybody’s favourite Pommy faction. Every game vs Wehr I meet mostly one trick ponies whose sole aim is to slowly earn enough CP points for his King Tiger (if Terror), Tiger (if Blitz) or late game arty and 88mm (if Defensive).

The sit-and-wait attitude is doubly frustrating and annoying if the Wehr player had gone with the Defensive doctrine. This gives the bunker an extra 300HP (excessive, if I might add, 150hp is more balanced), which virtually means Wehr has impenetrable forward HQ. With reinforcement and longer range of sight, Wehr has an extremely powerful weapon for only 150MP + 50muni.

Using the same flanking tactics as I’ve learnt and described in my previous post, I find the success rate to be around 70%. I say 70% as smart Wehr players plant a HMG further behind the medic bunker to further dissaude an American assault. And needing only four dead soldiers to form a new Grenadier squad, I found the war of attrition to be an extremely unwise move for US players.

Also, there’re times when I found myself staring at a plain-old bunker with no means of killing it. Having invested all my MP on rifles + nades/bars, I have yet to tech to MP/TD. My flamer engineer squad was killed in the assault, and all I could do was leave the bunker and upcap important points.

Of coz, that’s an ideal scenario where zombie Grenadier squads have not been formed. Several times now, my near dead riflesquads successfully defeated the bunkered-down HMG and her support, only for the new Grenadier squad to form. I was forced to retreat. Back to square one.

So you might ask now. What are some of the easier methods to engage/take on this scenario? Good thing at Rifles Ready!, this noob author takes some risks and has come out with some solutions. Surprisingly, apart from the really good players, who wouldn’t give me the chance to out-maneuver them, my solutions have been incredibly successful. Bear in mind that while executing my solutions, the same rule of thumb applies for USA: flanking, aggression, keep capping and NEVER group your units in a bunch.

Method 1 – RHS Infantry
This is an unusual path for me. As a 2v2 player, I always go LHS first for Rangers with SMG upgrade to support my ally. In 1v1 vs the Wehr bunker I found it necessary to save the SMG upgrade and wait for my off-map arty to bring hell to the medic bunker. It almost never fails. By flanking, I engage the HMG to fire and suppress my unit/s on one side, while my M8/Ranger squad fires up and rushes to the bunker from the other side. I always mange to fire off a few zook (if Ranger) rounds at the bunker, before dropping the off-map arty on it. Bear in mind that the Ranger/M8 squad has to be supported as well as the Wehr player will defend both flanks. I find a flamer Engineer squad with an extra rifle squad to back the M8/Ranger squad extremely useful. Keep the Wehr units occupied with the support units, and let the M8/Ranger do the dirty work. Oh, and don’t forget to retreat when the off-map arty drops!

Method 2 – Back tech to WSC
I have mentioned how I was slaughtered senseless when I backteched to WSC in my previous post. With less fuel, I delay my M8 or TD units. In the last few days I’ve experimented with a fast WSC after 3 riflesquads. Getting a sniper to kill only the bunkered-down HMG, it eliminates the main threat that the medic bunker poses. Although it’s tempting to snipe the support units, I find it’s a temporary reprieve as I’m just feeding the zombie grenadier factory. I push up and execute the normal flank method (you’ll never know if there’s another HMG squad lurking behind). This method is a little less viable against better players, as they just pull the HMG squad back a little, inviting countersnipes/mortar rounds. Remember not to use mortar squads as it, too feeds the zombie grenadier factory.

Method 3 – 105mm Howitzer
Assuming you went Method 1 and focused entirely on the RHS Infantry doctrine, build a 105mm Howi and go crazy with it. The medic bunker – along with every unit protecting it – would have retreated to the HQ. Mop up with units to destroy the remnants of the bunker. Rub salt into the Wehr’s wound and rush your M8/fired-up Ranger into the Wehr base (assuming most of the units have retreated), and drop an off-map arty on the HQ area. You’re guaranteed a few kills.

Of course, you can always adopt the old faithful method of flank, grenade and out-maneuver with flamer engineer support to take out the medic bunker. But sometimes talking is easier than playing, which is why I theorize less and play more (haha).


2 Responses to Adventures of a new 1v1 player: Defeating the Wehr medic bunker

  1. jodonnell says:

    Great analysis! Personally though, I’m finding all but the last option to be lacking. I would love for RHS Infantry to be the solution, but I gave up on that after a 150Mu off-map howitzer barrage did a grand total of 25% damage to a bunker. I wasn’t expecting it to be destroyed in one barrage, but I was hoping for at least something like half-lifebar damage. On-map howitzers are nice, but that’s simply too long to wait to destroy such an imminent threat.

    WSC could be OK, but your mortars do only piddling damage to the the bunker. A sniper can scare off the MG perhaps, but many Defensive players follow RoboBobo’s lead in building their own early sniper, making it a high-risk move to build your own. Mortar smoke + flame Engineers is probably the safest bet, although the smoke rounds telegraph your intentions pretty badly. It sure beats using your mortar the old-fashioned way, however.

    So far I’ve had the most success using Airborne and satchel charges. Fire Up lets you get past the MG, and the satchel will deal severe damage to the bunker for a low 50Mu (a much better value than the off-map howie, IMO.) If the satchel scares off the MG inside, you can then proceed to sweep in with your main force. Recoilless Rifles and AT guns also add to your bunker-wrecking firepower; plus Airborne is just a more reliable doctrine than Infantry overall.

  2. adrock2xander says:

    I’ve had more success with Infantry whenever I face a Wehr. Reason being:

    1) My strat focuses a lot on mines. Going RHS Infantry my rifle squads are able to place mines at strategic points and random areas. I’m having a lot of problem beating level 10 Wehr, which explains why I’m still struggling against them, but those level 10 Wehr players have commented I have – I quote – ‘crazy good’ mine placements. Placing mines over and over again in the same spot really makes them wary. I feel that going AB just for better AT and Satchel takes the annoyance factor out of my game.

    2) Also with Paras, I’m not able to handle the zombie squads that do form inspite of my close attention. Couple that with Vet 3 infantry squads and I’m having a lot of problems dealing with them. With Rangers + thompsons upgrade I can handle them a lot better. Yes, there’s strafing run, but good Axis players seldom bunch their players (like PE) and a missed strafing run means it’s 150muni down the drain. 150muni is 6 mines that could be placed to disrupt Wehr capping or engine damage a fast Ostwind/tank.

    I do agree that Para + satchel is much more effective in killing the bunker. I did mention in the article that the Ranger squad should fire off a couple of shots before the off-map arty as one off-map arty will NOT kill it (like you mentioned).

    However, as I type this, I realised another reason why I’m still level 9 and not achieving my goal of 10 lol. I’m not flexible enough to adapt to Airborne. Hmmmm…lol.

    Actually, I just might try going Airborne and see how it goes. In my mind I just worry a lot about the Vet 2/3 Grenadiers that my Para squads will have problems killing.

    Thanks for your input!

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