Cheeseburger and Coke: Lorraine Tip #1

The cheeseburger and coke combo is the quintessential fast food meal. It’s quick, easy to eat and satisfying. Most importantly, it doesn’t cost us a fortune to eat them.

Using the cheeseburger and coke metaphor, I’ve come up with a series of quick, easy to digest and satisfying ‘must knows’ on 2v2 maps. Tip #1 – Lorraine’s middle house.

Blind side of middle house

Novelty idea - wire up the blind side!.

The house right smack in the middle of Lorraine is a focal point of many teams’ strategic play. Early game revolves around either rushing to the middle to secure a foothold in the middle or letting the opponent take the middle, while capping the sides and coming back mid game to crush it.

Many players like sitting a HMG unit in the house. Which is all good. But be aware that the house has a blind side.

HMG takes damage from blind side, while doing jack shit.

HMG takes damage from blind side, while doing jack shit.

Watch your squads and exit the building if you encounter such a situation. Better yet, let them occupy the house and reverse the hurt on them!

Thanks to OriginalTrebor.


5 Responses to Cheeseburger and Coke: Lorraine Tip #1

  1. Trebor says:

    Hell yeah, I pwned that noob!

  2. Trebor says:

    Also note that even though that building has a blindspot sometimes they break or just plain glitch and allow the MG to fire on what is normally a blindspot.

  3. adrock2xander says:

    No, the HMG is shooting at a stray soldier. You must position the squad so all 2/3/4/5 of them in the squad are directly on of firing sight.

  4. Trebor says:

    No, Im reffering to a glitch where the MG will poke through a wall and shoot at you. Im also talking about explosions creating holes in the walls and the MG shooting throught that.

  5. On the final point about holes created in walls, that DOES happen sometimes. I have also seen MGs NOT use holes created in a building’s walls… this seems like something Relic ought to address one way or the other.

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