Site Update: Rifles Ready! Store online

Combat-proven!The Rifles Ready! Store is online and you can buy two sets of COH-inspired miniatures made by Forces of Valor — the Sherman and the Tiger I. Each tank includes infantry and terrain elements for dioramas, and each set can be had for a mere $25. Shipping is free if you live inside the continental U.S., and if you don’t, email me for an individual quote. For the record, the current URL is

I’ve been messing around with a domain service for the Store and that’s been a huge pain. Yes, I fully admit my feeble grasp of HTML is largely responsible, but I see little reason to try and create a site when I can use a free blogging service.

Which is why the Store is being hosted (temporarily) by I hope to migrate it to this site within the next two weeks, it will hopefully end up as a tabbed page like the “About” section you on the two-button navbar up top.

The Store will eventually carry more FoV models (all COH tanks and vehicles, like the Stuka rocket halftrack, the American Quad, the King Tiger, and more). It will also sell Rifles Ready! merchandise such as shirts and mugs and silly things like that. Everything will be kept as cheap as possible, and the money will go into buying the domain name (currently owned by someone else).


4 Responses to Site Update: Rifles Ready! Store online

  1. adrock2xander says:

    Good stuff Corkscrew. Am glad to see your long term plans finally coming into fruition. Let’s hope this takes off successfully.

    Now…about the piospam model…

  2. Logabob says:

    Churchill – FTW!

    very cool idea I shall indeed investigate

  3. jobiasRKD says:

    Any idea on what Canadians should do? Should we put in our order and then contact you?

  4. If you require shipping to Canada send me an email with your address so we can determine how much shipping will cost.

    Then if you’re OK with it, let me know, and I will send you a unique invoice through PayPal. You will not place the order yourself, instead you will get an invoice mailed to you after you tell me to send it.

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