Surprise! Surprise is touring Europe

Surprise!Several folks have sent me emails asking about Surprise’s whereabouts. This is good, I’m starting to enjoy the fan mail, even if it’s for Surprise and not me. Anyway, if you must know, Steven “Surprise” Uray has been away overseas. Surprise — regarded by some as the brains behind Rifles Ready! — is currently in Europe, no doubt touring old World War II memorials and battlefields, soaking in the real-life history.

Upon his return to the United States, Surprise will briefly visit family in New Jersey before returning to his ancestral home in New Mexico (if I recall right), the site of his unprecedented climb to COH championship.

So if you were wondering where this guy is and why he isn’t posting on this blog, you’ve got your answer. He’s busy seeing the world. No precise ETA on when he gets back, but it ought to be by mid-July.

He may finish off a few posts before he returns, but don’t get your hopes up as his access to the Internet will reportedly be intermittent. I’ve peaked in our drafts folder and let me tell you, has this kid got some good stuff for our loyal readers.

I’m talkin’ a list of new COH players he feels are up-and-comers, I’m talkin’ more U.S. vs. Panzer Elite strategy, I’m talking mind games, the meaning of life, and so forth. In the meantime my own humble services will be at your disposal.


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