Skill is relative

Skill is relative

After reading my fellow author CorkScrewBlow delivering the most polite harangue yesterday, I’ve decided to chip in my two cents.

Skill is relative. I believe how good you think you are has to be measured against a benchmark of similar skill. Taking myself for example, it would do me no good if I were to compare myself against Surprise as until recently, I’ve always been a 2v2 player.

To truly gauge my skill level (and to improve), I need to play against and with players who’re moderately better than I am, but not to a point where I get my ass whipped and not learn anything out of the defeat. The best defeats are from games where the random skirmishes and strategic/VP fights were very close. You learn from that.

Again taking myself as an example, I don’t envisage myself having a lot of fun or playing to learn if I were to play Surprise in a 1v1. The skirmishes will be quick, and I’ll lose really quickly. Not only does a hasty and one-sided loss result in nothing learnt, repeated losses in similar fashion will take the fun and enjoyment away. The onus is on yourself to try as hard as you can, but when your 1v1 experience and map knowledge is limited, there’s only so much you can do.

On the flipside, I might consider CorkScrewBlow a better opponent, as we’re about the same skill level (I started 1v1 three weeks ago, and am lvl 9 USA. However, CorkScrew’s still better than I am), and I will take away a lot more just playing CorkScrew several times. Even if I were to lose all of them, the manner of my defeat is less pronounced than a loss against Surprise. Not only am I less demoralised, my desire to be an equal opponent is also piqued.

The three of us decided to contribute articles to Rifles Ready! according to our strengths. It’s obvious Surprise’s experience and skill level suggests he’ll be chiefly responsible for theorising strategies and tactic while I focus mainly on 2v2 gossips.

Corkscrew has a vested interest in the Beta and WWII miniatures and I think what he has done so far is nothing short of remarkable. Between a full time job and writing lengthy Beta reports, I believe as readers, we should be less critical of the articles and perhaps, suggest better ways to improve them. No one is perfect, and we’re open to criticisms. Hey, I’m sure even Surprise himself is receptive to ideas and suggestions himself! (Not that his posts aren’t awesome as it is!)

Lastly, I also wish to say that this blog is still in its infancy. The success of the blog depends a lot on the feedback and comments provided by you readers. Knocking the authors, who devote time and TLC to each article, won’t encourage growth of Rifles Ready! but rather stymie it.


3 Responses to Skill is relative

  1. Logabob says:

    Corkscrew’s reports are informative and brilliantly written; unlike some of the coarser guides on GR, his points are clear and to the point. I’ve learned a lot from what RR has posted, and I really think the whole blog thing is fantastic; what with ToH, Drophacked, GR, and RR, the CoH community is probably the strongest I’ve ever participated in!

    Keep up the good work!

  2. That’s awfully kind of you. What really keeps us going — aside from our love of the game — is feedback from readers like yourself. Good or bad, and I say that truthfully. The good gets us all feeling warm and fuzzy, the bad gets our blood boiling so we either improve or send Uma Thurman to your house with a katana and a deathwish.

  3. Logabob says:

    You can send Uma Thurman to my house.

    I wouldn’t mind.

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