Miscellaneous: Relic’s secret beta award

Relic. God over all things COH.I know I’m late posting this, but Relic has unveiled a special and mysterious incentive for those plucky souls who spend the most amount of time playing the current COH balance playtest beta. Essentially, if you play the balance playtest a lot, you’ll have a good chance of being selected to receive a beta key for some undisclosed Relic product that is currently in beta.

Most people on GR.org, judging from the flurry of posts following the announcement, believe this secret beta is for Dawn of War II. I remain hopeful it will be for a second COH expansion, which is hopefully very far along, but still has many months to go for balance testing.

Company of Heroes: The Eastern Campaign, anyone?

Mukkel made the announcement on GR.org, the full text of which follows:

“Hi everyone,

Relic is proud to announce eligibility to an upcoming currently unannounced Relic Beta for qualified participants in the Company of Heroes – Balance Playtest! We will be capturing metrics (accumulated time in-game, number of games, etc…) to decide our winners. The winners will be notified at the conclusion of the Playtest. The Playtest does not currently have an end-date, however one will be given approximately two weeks prior.

The top 100 participants will receive the aforementioned beta key!

You can download the Company of Heroes – Balance Playtest installer at the following address:

Download Installer Here

NOTE: The installer will not modify your existing game files. You will need 8gb of hard drive space free in order to install the Playtest. Feel free to use your usual username/password to log in. Please make sure the email address associated with your account is correct!

The Relic Team”


3 Responses to Miscellaneous: Relic’s secret beta award

  1. Mike (Comrade One) says:

    I’m with you man! Something about using the word “unannounced” just seems to imply it ain’t DoW 2.

    Eastern front would be awesome. Back to spamming beta games I go 🙂

  2. […] beta remains the shortage of players. Now, I fully admit this problem has gotten better thanks to Relic’s promise of riches and harems and paradise — but it still takes too long to get a 1v1 during slower periods of the day and getting a 2v2 […]

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