Basic Tip: Don’t fall prey to Tiger Syndrome

Raaaaaaaaarrr! I'd like Angelina Jolie to voice the Tiger tank commander!
What is the Tiger Syndrome, you ask? Well, it’s very simple. It’s the psychological feeling of invincibility that can overwhelm a COH player when enough command points and manpower has been gathered for a game-changing unit like a Tiger or a Pershing or a Jagdpanther.

I feel this is a basic tip even though many good players (I’ve been guilty of this myself in the past, I don’t deny it) fall victim to Tiger Syndrome. They’ve got that sleek Pershing or that mighty King Tiger and Goddammit, it’s time to for those bastards to FEEL THE THUNDER! And so the expensive unit is sent off on its own, either because support units are still reinforcing or too slow to catch up.

And that shiny new King Tiger or Pershing or Blitz Tiger runs smack into a wall of pain. AT guns, flanking Panzershreck squads, vetted Rifles with baseball arms ready to nail a Sticky Bomb to your tank treads. Before you know it, the prize of your army is on fire, engines damaged, and struggling to crawl away from that AT gun plinking away at it or that M10 or Firefly racing in for a kill shot.

BOOM. Your shit is dead, often mere minutes after it arrived on the field.

Most of you know that Pershings, Tigers and all the rest require support; they need an infantry screen to fight off AT squads, they need artillery or snipers to pick off AT guns, and they need repair units to keep them healthy. But by God, that FEELING! The fear the sound of those heavy tank treads instill in your opponent!

Here’s the advice: maximize your advantage and that fear by treating your supertank carefully. Don’t race it ahead of your other units and certainly don’t send it deep into enemy territory solo. The farther it goes in enemy territory, the more space you give your opponent to set up a fatal AT trap. Keeping that powerful unit alive for a long is worth its weight in psychological damage to your opponent. Babysitting it shows you won’t easily lose it, and THAT above all else is sure to put pressure on your opponent, which is almost as useful as the mighty tank gun you’ve got on your side.

In my next Battle Report I’ll show off how Tiger Snydrome doomed an Armor Company player vs. my Luftwaffe.


3 Responses to Basic Tip: Don’t fall prey to Tiger Syndrome

  1. jodonnell says:

    Yep, mental toughness is king. People like to say, “oh, Sepha has ace micro” or “Justin Wong has robotic execution,” but really I think mental toughness (and mindgames) are at least as (if not more) important. Getting overconfident and overcommitting on an attack, or pressing a costly base raid, and so on, is much more damaging to your play than missing a grenade dodge. Staying cool under pressure is what enables you to keep microing at your peak level while also avoiding huge strategic play errors.

  2. […] down in a blaze of fire less than 40 seconds after it appeared on the map, yet another victim of Tiger Syndrome, which afflicts good players almost as often as […]

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