Advanced Tip: Stalling and killing Kettenrads

Panzer Grenadiers are incredibly tough infantry but they cap much slower than Riflemen. This is a fairly subtle game dynamic but the USA must capitalize on it to win.  The more I play as PE and against them, the more I realize how vulnerable they are to being outcapped. “Outcapped” might seem like a strange weakness, but it really hurts PE and capping is a huge part of the metagame.

You can give yourself a huge leg up in the US vs. PE matchup by eliminating the Kettenrad EARLY ON, when it is usually busy capping points (it’s got great cap speed and moves VERY fast) while PGs are out looking to fight your Rifles.

See here:

Your Engineers can attack units while Kettens are defenseless and must run at the first sign of trouble. Many PE players get “greedy” and try to finish capping an important point with their Ketten, even as your Engies rush up. Once you get close enough, your Engy can prevent the Ketten from escaping while your first Rifle squad closes for the kill.

This takes some micro, but it’s not too hard to do — all you need is a second’s delay from your opponent. Move your Engy IN FRONT of the Ketten. This prevents the Ketten from escaping by moving forward. The Ketten can of course, reverse like a tank, but this requires careful clicking and micro from your opponent. The instant you see this, shift your Engies in the direction of movement. All it takes is one squad member in front of the Ketten to force it to stall.

All the while your first Rifle squad is advancing rapidly to seal the deal with their fast-firing M1s. Losing that Ketten seriously damages the PE player’s capping ability, delaying the fuel they need to pull out deadly units like the Armored Car.

NOTE: A good PE player will usually avoid this entirely by running, but ONLY IF THEY’RE PAYING ATTENTION. If you can distract him for a second by attacking him somewhere else, you can rush up to the Ketten and kill it. Rifles are even better at running in front of the Ketten with their six squad-members and better weapons.


4 Responses to Advanced Tip: Stalling and killing Kettenrads

  1. Kersal says:

    …in this way you are using 2 units to hunt 1. Is really useful? or maybe is better the Jeep start to hunt the Ketten?

  2. If you kill that Ketten, it is totally worth it. You’ll outcap the hell out of the PE player and he will with 90% probability build another Ketten, which sets him back 120 MP.

    What else should your first Rifle squad be doing? It will get owned 1v1 against the PE’s G43 Panzer Grenadier. You could be capping with it, but it’s just as effective to delay the enemy’s capping.

    Note this is generally an opportunity-based tactic. If his Ketten is nowhere in sight for the first 5 minutes (highly unlikely), I am not suggesting you send an Engineer squad and a Rifle squad all over the map trying to find it. But odds are the Ketten WILL be very visible, and often in your territory trying to steal your shit.

  3. Stonethecrow01 says:

    Great tip man, I’d never seen this done. Will definately impliment it in my games 🙂

  4. Moose says:

    What I tend to do if I am going against a PE player is to build a Jeep right away. It doesn’t give me much for capping power, but it is GREAT for hunting down those kettenrads. If you use it mainly to harass the capping PE Grens and Kettens, and retreat it to repair, you can do a great job of preventing the PE player from capping alot (while your engineers do cap)

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