Cool Stuff: Tiger I miniature with infantry

This Tiger I mimics Wehrmacht armor paint scheme and infantry uniforms from Caen, France, 1944
As promised, here’s another nifty die-cast miniature of an iconic COH and World War II tank, the fearsome Tiger I. Just like the M4 Sherman I wrote about earlier, this particular Tiger is a 1:72 scale model and was made by Unimax as part of its Forces of Valor historical model series.

This Tiger isn’t as good-looking as the Sherman, or even some of the other FoV Tigers, in my opinion. Everything about it is accurate, and the cannon traverses and elevates while the tracks move. But the paint scheme (also accurate) just seems a little plastic-looking, even if the model is made of die-cast steel. It does have considerable heft for such a small miniature.

FoV Tiger barrel-to-barrel with FoV Sherman

There is a pasty-looking German commander atop the tank, and the model itself includes six generic German soldiers in different poses. The infantry, like the tank, really reminds you of COH. These little plastic soldiers are running, waving an arm out to soldiers on their flanks, carrying ammo boxes, or brandishing rifles or MP40s. A few tank traps and little doodads like oil barrels and gas cans (with the little “X” on them) are also included, presumably to help you create a diorama with other models.

And one thing is great about this Tiger I — it’s a fairly common set. Many really cool FoV tanks were issued only once, never to be made again, which the company does to create collectible value. However, for the forseeable future, it’s easy for you to get your hands on a decent representation of the Third Reich’s most terrifying armored beast sitting on your desk, flanked by soldiers. Rifles Ready! is working on getting establishing a relationship with Unimax to sell these miniatures directly, but more on that later.

To be sure, there are more detailed-looking Tigers from Dragon Armor (a Taiwanese model-maker, I’ll review one of their models soon) and even other FoV Tigers are better-looking. However these are very expensive — up to $30 for single tanks (Dragon Armor does not do infantry, as far as I know).

I hope these scribblings of mine get you guys interested in WWII models, because it really is a cool hobby.


5 Responses to Cool Stuff: Tiger I miniature with infantry

  1. adrock2xander says:

    Great blog you’ve got here mate. Stumbled across it through the website. Do you play COH yourself? I’d probably know this if I had more time to read your blog, but I’m rushing off to work soon lol.

    I’m a grad journalist in Melbourne, Australia. Your blog has inspired me to start something similar :O I could do with the new writing hobby.

  2. Yeah, I’ve been playing COH since the beta days back in late summer 2006. Sadly I have little skill to show for it, but feel free to look me up online under account “Jianshu.”

    I’m glad you like the blog and wish you luck with your own project. Maintaining a blog definitely hones the online content skills that the next generation of journalists will need to be successful.

  3. adrock2xander says:

    Haha hey corkscrew I finally found my first post. I just left you a comment in your very first post. I had the whole day at work to think about what I’d want to write, and I figured it’s a lot better to write with and under someone else’s ‘umbrella’. Yes I agree with you on the blog bit; I blogged for three years before work and moving overseas put it on a permanent hiatus. Anyway yeah I’ll look you up now. Logging in RO. Would be great to chat with ya mate.

  4. If you would like to become a contributor please send me an email directly to — we can set up a chat over Ventrilo.

  5. Mack Sharrow says:

    Thanks for the Information. I found your Website on another blog today. This is a good Website. i think i will come back again. Thanks again

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