In-depth: The Panzer Elite/American matchup

Armored Car leaving no survivors...
As of the current patch, many excellent players believe COH: Opposing Fronts is as balanced as it’s ever been — except maybe compared to 1.71, the last version of COH before the Opposing Fronts expansion was released.

That being said, the Panzer Elite vs Americans strikes me as being particularly off.

I really can’t point to any one single thing that’s responsible. It’s a slew of issues, which are all individually quite small, but add up this: PE has an option for every conceivable U.S. strategy, and constantly has the initiative because the U.S. player must depend heavily on one unit: the M8.

You will need the M8 to handle what’s next — a fast Armored Car or Marder IIIs. The M8 is able to handle units like the Marder by circle-strafing and relying on the accuracy penalty it inflicts against attackers (moving M8s are harder to hit based on this statistic).

If you are the PE player, you KNOW that 90% of the time, you will face M8s, and you’ve literally got a ton of options — Teller mines, Marders, Tank Buster squads or shreck’d PGs, a Hetzer, etc.

But the U.S. has only the M8. It’s a dicey game for the Americans. If I might humbly recommend a balance change, it’s reducing the damage ACs do against Riflemen in green and yellow cover, and removing the 25% damage bonus that Marder IIIs have against all U.S. tanks.

This makes it just a little bit easier for the U.S. to rely on Paratroopers or Rangers for AT, while possibly skipping Motorpool for a tech straight to Tank Depot, whose units won’t be destroyed or crippled by multiple Marders far beyond their own range.

I’ll leave it to Surprise to fill in the gaps here, and hopefully put up a few replays of my own.


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