Basic Tip: Queuing points for capture

Strategic points can be captured much quickly than resource sectorsCapturing the right territory sectors in a rapid, efficient manner is very important in the early game. You can make your life much easier by using COH’s waypoint command. This is done (as is the convention in many RTS games) by holding SHIFT and left-clicking places for units to go, OR POINTS FOR THEM TO CAPTURE. Note that while you can issue waypoint commands to MOVE on the minimap, you can only que points for capture by clicking on the points themselves, in the game window. You’ll soon have 3-4 infantry squads capping points across the map, and you’ll soon face opportunities to disrupt enemy capping or have your own capping threatened. That’s why you should use a unit least likely to encounter resistance when queing capture points.

A standard American build order involves 2 Engineers before you start pumping out Riflemen. While your first Engineer builds a Barracks or WSC, your second Engineer can be given a waypoint order to cap 3-4 critical points. You don’t have to worry about what he’s doing for quite awhile, allowing you to focus on micromanaging units to win those crucial first infantry battles. After a battle, you’ll find your trusty Engineer has done a great job capping many points on his own.

Here’s an example of possible capture order and optional points to que for capture on Angoville, probably the preeminent 1v1 map:

Possible capture order on Angoville

You can see here that the 1st Engy (after building a Barracks) and 1st Rifle go immediately for the right-hand high fuel sector, with the Engy skipping the high munitions sector to give maximum time for the fuel.

The 2nd Engy (built from HQ) adopts a very conservative capture order. Rarely will players bother trying to recapture the tiny +5 fuel point when there are two +16 high fuel points to be contested. But the +5 can give you an edge when the race for fuel is very close (with both players constantly harrassing both high fuels).

In this example, the 2nd Engy will probably benefit best from queued capture commands, though the 1st Engy can also be given a que of captures to follow — he’s just likely to encounter the enemy, so you’ll want to manually issue orders if that happens.


6 Responses to Basic Tip: Queuing points for capture

  1. Beef36 says:


    In the above map in Angoville, why would you send the 1st engineer to cap the far away strat point near the opponent’s base. Why would you not go backwards and cap the +16 munitions?

    I say this because by the time the engineers get to that last strat point, the opponent will have a few squads out and it’s likely it would have to retreat. Also taking that strat point doesn’t seem to achieve much as if successful, as you’ve capped the +16 fuel and munitions that it links to anyway….

    Do you send it out that far to take advantage of possible MG flanking purposes?

  2. There’s a high degree of flexibility here, but to answer your point, yes — it is a common practice of mine when using Rifles to always have one unit at the top of the map, i.e., behind any possible MG.

    It’s more to spot the MG coming rather than eliminate the MG, as an Engy would take forever to do that and would take so long a Volks has time to support the MG.

    As far as not capping your own +16, that’s really a decision that depends on you.

    In my opinion, it is better to cap the +16 close to your enemy FIRST, if you cap it, great, now he has to devote resources to taking it back. As you point out, the +16 on enemy territory is already linked up by the 1st Rifle.

    Sure, you are right if he has a squad there, you must retreat. If that happens, no big deal, now you can go cap your own +16. I just think it’s always worth taking the chance of being repelled to apply pressure and encroach on the enemy’s territory.

  3. jobiasRKD says:

    As a comment on the minimap versus game window point, a compromise between the two is to use the tactical map for capping; you can queue points up for capture on that. So if a newer player wants the “bigger picture” view you get from the minimap while they cap, that’s a very good option.

  4. […] to this start is the use of shift-queuing points to be captured by Kettens, so you won’t have to worry about them idling. And of course, don’t lose your […]

  5. Pat says:

    Im really good with the americans and im just glancing through th axis tactics, this is a very dumb idea, mostly because i can easily counter your eng with a jeep in the beginning, i gun it for the fuel, most pro americans do, but i can send your eng and mg running with a jeep and 1 rifle squad by simply throwing a grenade into the building your mg is in, american rifleman out number the german riflemen too, so really this tactic is really hard to pull off.

  6. Shift-queueing points for a capture is just a general tactic, you don’t have to do it with a specific side or even at a specific point in the game.

    Aside from that you’ll of course have to retreat a unit that’s being fired on, even if it means cancelling out that complex list of points you just told him to go cap.

    Speaking of which, if you’re “really good” with Americans, you oughta come write for us. We need more contributors. Email me or something.

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